What we do


The Association of Listed Companies' Executives was established in 2002. It is an independent and voluntary nonprofit organization that advances the interests of  Turkish listed companies.

We are committed to contribute  the development of capital markets in Turkey by  facilitating initial public offerings.

Our mission is to be an interactive platform between regulatory authorities and listed companies for creating an efficient working capital markets in our country.


  • Supporting members in business, commerce, finance, and their respective industries.
  • Networking among members, cooperate and coordinate with the Stock Exchanges of Turkey and other relevant organizations to create the maximum value for members and their share holders.

  • Be a center for sharing thoughts and opinions related to the laws and regulations set by the Turkish Stock Exchange which member firms must follow, and prepare suggestions to the Stock Exchange and other regulatory organizations about improving regulations to create the highest value for members and the Turkish Capital Market.

  • Be a platform where members can share knowledge and experience in doing business.

  • Enhancing the investment atmosphere and supporting the development of the nation’s capital market.

  • Supporting members in managing their business with good governance.

  • Promoting trust and confidence for the development and growth in business, and Turkish Capital Markets.


Currently, KOTEDER has an access to more than 50 listed companies. It is the vision of the KOTEDER to access all of the companies listed by Turkish Stock Exchange.


KOTEDER also aims to encourage, communicate and cooperate with non-listed companies that would like to get listed.


KOTEDER organizes guess speaker events, conferences, and training programs for the personnel of listed companies and creating public awareness for initial public offerings.


KOTEDER organizes festival like annual conferences with the contribution of high profile professionals, guess speakers and sponsors to analyze the current and future needs of local and international investors together with prominent lawyers, lawmakers and the executives of regulatory bodies in the Turkish Capital Market.


KOTEDER aims to be an interactive communication platform for all the stakeholders in local and global financial markets to encourage them investing in the listed companies in Turkish Capital Market.


KOTEDER aims to engage in lobbying activities to promote and improve the regulations for increasing the number of listed companies in Turkish Stock Exchange by communicating with official regulatory bodies.

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